Saturday Delivery To The Harlan House Easton

Today we made our usual delivery to The Harlan House in downtown Easton.  When I called Clara to let us in the building, she was all excited and said, "I didn't think you guys were coming today because of the weather!"  I told her, we don't let that stop us!!  I enjoyed seeing all of the smiling faces and hugs while spending time with the good people there.  I always love getting to see them!  What a blessing it is...  

The Pineapple Man helped us move the food into the building.  I had a chance to talk with Owner of The Beast, Trouble, and The Mink Lady.  Everyone gets a nickname lol :P  Trouble goes up to me before I leave and says, "What if I were to pickpocket you?" and then she takes my phone out of my coat pocket and pretends to talk on it.  I said, "if you take my phone, how will I be able to call all of my girlfriends??" LOL I love messing with her!  Good times, and good laughs with some of my favorite people!  God bless them all! :)

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