Saturday Delivery To The Harlan House Easton

Today we made our Saturday delivery to the Harlan House in downtown Easton.  I always love spending time with my Harlan House family.  One lady told me she has been reading the Bible we gave her and is already halfway through the book of Genesis.  Praise God.  

Another lady asked me if there was any sliced bread so that she could make toast.  I knew there was some earlier on our first pickup, but I had a feeling it was already taken.  So I told her, I think there might be, and I'll go take a look.  On my way back out to the car, I came across a box with only ONE loaf of bread in it.

So after I make my way back into the building, I'm looking for the lady who requested the bread, and I find her and point to her in the back of the room and say, "you are the lady I am looking for!", as I'm carrying the box on my shoulder to the back of the room.  I said aloud so everyone in the room could hear, "to show you the Lord listens and hears our requests, here is your loaf of bread to make toast."  She was in tears, thanking me for the bread and for the Bible we gave her.

All glory, honor, and praise goes to Jesus Christ, the God Who sees us.  Praise Jesus.

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