Saturday Delivery To The Harlan House

Today we made our weekly Saturday delivery to The Harlan House and got to spend some time with our Harlan House Family.  While I'm inside the building, moving the food to the rec room, Trouble (Ellie) walks up to me and says, "there's a tow truck out there getting ready to take your car."  I say, "Really?!" and I'm getting ready to bolt for the door and she goes, "I'm just messing with you!"  You see, there is a reason why I call her "Trouble"! LOL...  

Everyone goes crazy over Bella and Teddy...I think they have now become the official mascots for P346!  There's just something about happy dogs that bring cheer to those around them. :)

It's always great getting to see Tecora, Pop, Nece, Eric, and the rest of my extended family, and when they are away visiting family I do miss them! :)

I told everyone I'd probably be back sometime later this week.

We had a great time as always hanging out and getting to talk with everyone! :-)

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