Saturday Delivery To The Homeless And To The Harlan House

I'd like to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to our NEW volunteers, Jaime, and his granddaughter Miah!!  You guys were such a HUGE help today and we're so glad you had such a great time with us today!

We spent a while with the homeless people next to Wawa, getting to know them and talking a bit.  I make a point to shake everyone's hands and get to know everyone's names.  Such grateful people and a joy to be around!  

Afterward, we headed down to The Harlan House and spent a while with them, talking, joking, and laughing.  When we make food deliveries, we aren't just making a food delivery.  We spend time with the people, and even offer assistance with picking out food and answer any questions they may have.  

Saturdays have become a real blessing, not just to the families and people we serve, but to us.  The joy of blessing others is a blessing unto itself.

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