6 Families Blessed + Deliveries To The Homeless And To The Harlan House

Today we blessed 6 families, made a delivery to the homeless people behind Wawa, and made a delivery to The Harlan House.  I love getting to talk with the homeless people, getting to know their names, and more about them.  

Today I had the opportunity to talk with a man named Daniel for a long while.  I learned he is good with his hands and has many years of experience with construction, so I took down his number and I'm going to try to get him some work.

Another man, whom I did not get a chance to speak much with, appeared to be very good with working on cars, as he was putting a tire back on a truck for another fellow.  I do want to seek him out next time, and perhaps I can line him up with some work as well!  

Everybody was so grateful and happy to see us!  The one lady I saw last time, said, "I thought you were only coming here on Saturdays?"  I said, "well, we just started doing these food pickups on Thursday afternoons so now we will be here on Thursdays too.  Is that okay if we bring food here Thursdays too??"  (I was being silly lol)  She said, yes, and was very excited :)  

May God bless these people abundantly, and may we always have food to fill their bellies and warm their hearts.  And if I can help them beyond that, may the Lord empower me to do so.  Amen.

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