Deliveries To The Homeless And To The Harlan House

Today we visited with some of the homeless people downtown and let them pick out the food they liked.  I had the chance to chat with some of them a bit and find out what they needed, which then led to an Amazon shopping spree on their behalf!! :-)  The next time we see them we'll give them items they need.

I ran into the Marine again (I feel so bad that I forgot his name).  The 73 year old Marine told me he still does 86 pushups on his finger tips every day, and after feeling his arm, I believe him!  

I finally got the chance to see Nelson again after a couple of weeks and he introduced me to his new friend, Rita.  Very polite, kind, and grateful people!  I truly enjoyed chatting with the both of them and I look forward to seeing them again :)

After we left there, we headed on over to The Harlan House and made our second delivery for the day.  It was always great as usual getting to spend time with my Harlan House family.  May God bless all of them.

I'd like to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Jaime and his granddaughter Miah for helping us out again!  I truly appreciate all of your help!  May God bless you for what you are doing!

If you'd like to volunteer for this ministry, please send a message to Jonathan Rindos for more information. :-)

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