7 Families Blessed + Deliveries To The Homeless And The Harlan house

Today we blessed 7 families and delivered to the homeless and to The Harlan House in downtown Easton!  Everyone was so grateful and happy for the hygiene products we brought with us today!  We brought shampoo, bar soap, razors, shaving cream, nail clippers, facial hair scissors, and mouth wash, along with LOTS of food!! :-)

We spent a lot of time just talking with everybody and helping them get everything they need.  I make it my job to learn everyone's name and get to know them on a personal level and we leave everyone with a smile (including myself! :))  

I don't ask very often for donations, but if you would like to make a donation to support this cause, just click on the DONATE button at the top of https://P346.org.  Your donation will go towards purchasing food for the PSALM 34:6 MINISTRIES food pantry and for buying supplies and necessities for the homeless and families in need!  

May God bless all of you!

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