Saturday Delivery To The Homeless

Today we made our usual Saturday delivery to the homeless people of Easton near the Wawa.  Pastor Tim Zuck and Matt from Forks Community Church joined us today to assist with distributing the food and other supplies to the homeless.  

For the record, I hate calling them "the homeless" and I know many of their names and greet them as I would a friend when I arrive.  It's always a pleasure getting to spend time with them. :-)  

After we were done there, we went across the street to The Harlan House and made a delivery of food to them.  Despite the rain and getting soaked, we had fun spending time with them there :-)

I'd like to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT and THANKS to Shawnee Sharks for making the "Blessing Bags" to hand out to those in need!  

I'd also like to give another HUGE SHOUT OUT and THANKS to Pastor Tim and Matt for joining us today!  May God bless all of you abundantly for doing the Lord's work.  Amen.

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